Twitter’s gone one step further where You can apply to be verified and receive a blue checkmark badge next to your name. To become verified on Twitter, you simply update your profile with current information, verify a phone number and email address, then fill out a form requesting consideration as a verified user.

In Ghana, Getting verified on Twitter seems to be difficult not just for going through the right process but the ability to be recognized easily by online media and blogs which adds up
in the birth of the blue check mark badge.

There are significant business/brand advantages to being Twitter verified.

Yes, It’s improves the legitimacy of a brand or user.


Fill out your profile completely with profile picture, cover photo, name, website, and bio.

Add a verified phone number and confirm your email address.

Add your birthday

Set your tweets as “public”

Visit the verification form on Twitter

(Note: If you’re applying for verification of a personal profile as opposed to a business profile, you’ll also need a copy of a photo ID like a passport or driver’s license.)

In Twitter’s announcement about verified accounts, they listed a few particular elements that might be a factor in which accounts they choose to verify and which they don’t. The biggest factor in getting verified on Twitter is that the profile is of public interest.
To explain a bit further, Twitter mentions that “public interest” might include public figures and organizations in the fields of:

and other key interest areas
So long as you meet the minimum guidelines with your profile (things like having a profile photo and a verified phone number, etc.), the verification process seems to be a bit subjective in ultimately deciding what is of “public interest.”
If you go through the process once and don’t get verified, no worries. You can try again in 30 days.

Below are Some Ghanaian Twitter Users Capable of Verifying in 2021 or soon.
Remember, this isn’t in the of Twitter but our own research.

SADDICK ADAMS @saddickadams

Saddick Adams is a multi award winning sports journalist known for providing updates about Local and International Ghanaian sportsmen. His tweet usually gets on Twitter Sports topic which increases the impressions of his posts thereby getting him known. His page also serves as source of sports information for many blogs in Ghana.

KALYJAY @gyaigyimi

This is one remarkable Ghanaian Twitter user who usually shares fun and general information on his page. Better known to be the trendsetter, He was the initiator for the biggest Ghanaian
#FIXTHECOUNTRY trend off which his account got suspended.
Twitter, by receiving many complaints from Hashtags and direct messages from verified users,His account was restored. However, With Numerous Account impersonating,This may convince Twitter to give him the blue badge

OWURAKU AMOFO @owurakuampofo

Verifying this account on Twitter wouldn’t be surprising because He’s noted for sports data analysis that brings captivating information about players in Ghana and abroad.

KUAMI EUGENE @kuamieugune

Being verified on instagram, Facebook and having enough information about him on most social blogs, The Ghanaian musician is capable of receiving the blue badge soon.

JAY BHAD @Jaybhad

This is one young musician who comes up with viral music and posts regards to lifestyle.
He’s mostly on the trends with his captivating posts that gets blogs talking about him.

KOBBY KYEI NEWS @kobbykyei_

Being active and connecting to public figures on Twitter gives you the exposure to be verified on Twitter, Yes, Kobby Kyei does extremely good with that and his blog also serves as a bonus on getting known all platform. As a verified İnstagram user, He’s capable of being verified in Twitter.

GYAKIE @gyakie

After hitting hard in several music charts, Gyakie was extremely known across Africa and some parts of the world. She was therefore in numerous news platforms where she received verification on other social media platforms.

DON SARKCESS @kwesi_picasso

Getting connected to industry players and top notch digital platform users gives you the headlight to be recognized by Twitter. Don Sarkcess has many connections online with several public figures like SARKODIE, and MAYSEVEN. Being part of the music curators and marketers of Ditto music, He’s capable to receive the blue badge.

KOFI JAMAR @kofijamar

Ghana’s young drill king, Kofi Jamar after being on countless blogs for his viral music,He deserves to be saluted with the blue badge. Kofi Jamar is a verified artiste on Instagram and Facebook and needs to be favored on Twitter.

CAPTAIN PLANET @captainplanet4x4

This is an award winning music legend in Ghana who must be verified to validate his presence on Twitter.
He’s a verified user on Instagram and Facebook.

AMERADO BURNER @Amerado_Burner

As a young musician making waves across all social platforms, Amerado always get on the trends anytime he releases a new project and he really deserves to verified on Twitter.

EFIA ODO @efiaodo1

Popularly known to be the queen of Ghana Twitter, Efia Odo is a verified İnstagram User who co-initiated the #FixTheCountry campaign. As an actress and TV host, Twitter must admit to verify her.

BASE AFRICA TV @Baseafricatv_gh

This is an extraordinary online television page that seeks to promote and provide a great platforms for young talents.

BLACK SHERIFF @blacksheiff_

In the music “ new school of Ghana “, Black sheriff is a remarkable young musician who needs to be verified on Twitter to make a complete session of a young public figure.


This is a student social media promoter and a co- initiator of the #FixTheCountry Campaign in Ghana. Serving as a ambassador for several
brands, Twitter have to endorse him by verifying his account.

YGA O’ KENNETH @ygaokenneth

This a young a Ghanaian Hiphop star, Capable of commanding the new drill trend in Ghana. O’Kenneth has been verified on Audio Mack as a genius musician and needs an endorsement badge from Twitter too.


Popularly known to be the “master” of the Asakaa Boys, Kwaku DMC is a music star from Ghana who has gotten validation from Audiomack and Off White.

MANASSEH AZURE AWUNI @mannasehazureawuni

He is a Ghanaian Broadcast journalist who analyze and treat issues with Bravery and maturity. “Getting his name written in the heart of Young journalists as their mentor ”, This is a great Twitter user who uses his page to share developmental issues.

MENSA OTABIL @mensaotabil

Here is a the founder of the International Central Gospel Church and the Central University. As a pastor, He uses his social media platforms to share and teach the word of God through which many souls have been won. Verifying his account will not prevent impersonating and scam from unscrupulous internet users.

FRANCIS ABBAN @Francis_Abban

A Radio and TV host from one of Ghana’s prestigious media group, EIB network. He’s noted for current affair issues and maintaining such integrity, He’s capable of receiving such validation from Twitter.

SERWAH AMIHERE @serwahamihere

This is an award winning female Broadcast Journalist and Fashionista with verification on Instagram.Serwaa Amihere has also serves as an influencer for many brands and out popularity, There are several “catfish” accounts using similar name.

WODE MAYA @wode_maya

Wode Maya is known worldwide as the biggest youtube influencer in Africa. With such Recognition, Its expedient of Twitter to endorse him as a great personality on the internet.

NATHAN QUAO – @nathanquao

This a Researcher and broadcast Journalist, who by several means served the country in the media fraternity. With social media consistency through brand Influencing,
Nathan deserves the blue mark from Twitter.

THE LIONESS @wiyaala

The African Lioness is noted to be one extraordinary songstress who has sold Ghana in the world of Entertainment. Performing in several countries, Wiyaala has been endorsed by Instagram, Facebook and most social blogs. It’s will sum up to her worldwide recognition and reputation if Twitter gives her the blue badge.

UMARU SANDA @Umarusanda

This is a phenomenal Ghanaian broadcast journalist better known for asking brilliant questions during an interview. With his high presence on social media, An endorsement from Twitter should be a “must”.

WENDY SHAY @wendyshay

To talk about few extraordinary female musicians in Ghana, Wendy shay will always be part of he top five(5). Notably known to be a versatile artiste ,She is an award winning personality and a verified social media user on all platforms.

Y PEE BAAKOP3 @ypeegh

Ypee is a Hiphop star from Ghana with multiple awards and huge influence in the Music Industry. As as verified musician on Instagram, why not receiving such an endorsement on Twitter too. We believe he deserves it.


This is a is a media streaming and download service developed by Transsnet Music Limited.The service was first launched in Nigeria in 2015 by TECNO Mobile. The streaming platform is now in Ghana and needs a the blue badge to prevent scam from unscrupulous social media users.

KOFI KINAATA @kinaatagh

This is an award winning Ghanaian musician who has been verified on all social media platforms except Twitter. With his high influence online, Kinaata deserves an endorsement from Twitter.

COMEDIAN WARIS @comedianwaris

Here is one Amazing comedian from Ghana who is regarded as a whiz kid in the entertainment fraternity. It’s would rather be beautiful for Twitter to verify his account to somehow increase his validity in Africa and the world.

OLY DADE @Accragreatolympics

This is a phenomenal soccer club in Ghana with high influence on social media especially Twitter. They are always in the trend whenever they lose or win a match. However, They are the only soccer club who can put smile on an individual’s face for no reason.

JOY NEWS @joynewsontv

Joy news is a phenomenal media platform that seeks to inform the general public on trending, education and social issues in Ghana. Verifying their account will rather eradicate misinformation in on the internet.


Here is a formal deputy minister for education and information in the Republic of Ghana and a member of parliament of North Tongu constituency. As a government official and eradication of misinformation, we believe he needs to be verified.

KAFUI DEY @kafuidey

Kafui Dey is a Ghanaian motivational speaker, TV and event Host who has traveled across the world. Being an extraordinary personality with huge influence, Twitter needs to verify him to prove his validation in the society.

REGINA VAN HELVET @reginavanhelvet

Regina Van Helvet is a radio and TV host from the EIB NETWORK in Ghana.
As a renowned broadcas journalist an entrepreneur, she’s poised to deliver more to the society where the younger generation can be proud of. However, such personality deserves the blue badge from Twitter.

BENO SARKCESS @benopaonyx1

Here is a young blogger and social media promoter making waves on Twitter through information delivery and account management. In view of this, Such whiz kid needs the verification badge to validate his performance as a promoter.

GIOVANI CALEB @Giovanicaleb

As a radio and TV guru who hosts one of the most trending TV shows in Ghana (DATE RUSH), Geovani Caleb is a true personality to be verified on Twitter.


Meet one of the most influential twitter promoters in Ghana who leads a hype crew in promoting business. With his ability to make Twitter a lucrative platform in Ghana, Its a expedient for Twitter to verify him.

SHELDON @Ksheldon
Though he lost his main account but this a renowned social media influencer who has been verified on all social media platforms with huge ambassadorial roles in Ghana. With regards to his influence, Twitter needs to verify him to put his page in accurate measure.


This is the first music awards in Ghana with relevance since it was found. As a prestigious award scheme in the country which has “trapped “ almost all renowned celebrities in Africa. It would be perfect for Twitter to verify their account.

TULE @tulenkey
This is one versatile musician in Ghana with a youthful vibe. Tulenkey upon his viral songs on social media should really earn him the verification badge from Twitter.

QUEEN SOLOMON @sista_afia

Meet the awarding Ghanaian singer, Sister Afia is a remarkable young musician poised to take Africa far through music. As a verified artiste on social platforms, Twitter has to add her up to their valid users.

KAY. BOATENG @scripp_t

This is an amazing social media promoter poised to change the negative narrative about social media in Ghana. He’s been on countless ambassadorial role where he extends arm to the less privileged in the society. With this influence, Twitter needs to favor him with the blue badge.

DJ MIC SMITH @djmicsmith

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