Video: Samuel Inkoom Begins Construction Of Football Agency Facility

Former Black Stars player, Samuel Inkoom has began the construction of his football agency facility after few months of announcing his player agency.

The Former Ghana defender Samuel Inkoom officially launched the S-Inkoom Football Management Agency (SIFMA), a pioneering initiative aimed at reshaping the future for young Ghanaian football players drawing from his own experiences, including a one-year ban due to a contract dispute during his playing career, Inkoom has set out to redefine the landscape for emerging talents in Ghana.

SIFMA’s primary mission encompasses talent discovery, player management, contract negotiations, and the comprehensive development of young prospects. The agency is dedicated to equipping young players with the knowledge and support they need to navigate the complex world of professional football contracts.

Inkoom emphasised the vital importance of understanding contracts before signing them, stressing the need for young Ghanaian footballers to seek legal advice and fully comprehend the implications of their contractual agreements.

At the launch event held in Accra, Inkoom shared his personal journey as an example and highlighted the central message of contract awareness in SIFMA’s philosophy. The agency has already welcomed its first group of players and is gearing up to scout for new talents in tournaments across the nation.

In viral video, Samuel Inkoom has started the construction of the facility for the football management which has attracted huge applauds for the young legend.

Inkoom’s vision goes beyond individual success; he aspires to see his players represent Ghana and achieve victories in prestigious campaigns. Anthony Baffoe, the General Secretary of the Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG), who attended the event, urged SIFMA to prioritize player development over financial gains.

Baffoe underscored the potential consequences of solely selecting the highest-bidding club and applauded the agency’s dedication to nurturing local talent, preparing them for global recognition. This aligns with the PFAG’s vision for the future of Ghanaian football, promoting the growth and success of young players on both the national and international stages.


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