Successful Radio Personality, Nana Quasi-Wusu Shares Fascinating “Hustle” Story.

The Award winning Ghanaian Radio personality and media Guru, Nana Quasi-Wusu popularly known as Pmdepresenter has shared a captivating story on his journey as a legal hustler from tertiary.

The renowned radio presenter is widely known for the jargon “ Blaklaaa” which simply I’m proud to be black. This is to inspire young people to appreciate their skin color than to bleach.

On his facebook page today, Pm revealed more on how he use to manage on campus.

“ As a LegalHustler, one thing that I have never been ashamed of from day 1 is my hustle. This was an under pinning project to strengthen the foundation and make it a storey building. But later the engineers realized the whole structure was weak so they had to demolish it and start from scratch. This building is currently the Tallest lecture hall at TTU main campus Oduro block.

The project was in the middle of TTU main campus. whenever some of my colleagues were passing by for lectures, they will be laughing at me but behind the scenes they will come and see me for loans. With all this hustle too, I was a star on Campus oooo. Performing/hosting all the big shows on campus, but that never stopped me from hustling. Because what my Mum use to send to me wasn’t enough for my Up keep.

Lesson : Never be ashamed of your hustle and never be concerned about what people will say, if only what you are doing is legit. Go all out for yourself because it’s your responsibility. Moreover when you are in need they will not be there for you.

Big shouts to Civil Engineer Preshar Daniel at the back. He is currently handling big projects in the country.

RIP to my No.1 Cheerleader Ben Bosuo in the yellow reflector. Till we meet again keep resting in power. Have a blissful week.

#Jahwise #CivilEngineer #MadeByGod #UpnessStill #Blaklaaa. 🙏🏿“

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