I was forced to Say the Takoradi Girls are dead – suspect

According to Imagine Takoradi, an eye following the issue concerning the missing girls in Takoradi.

The suspect revealed more today in court and the article below give more details;

Today, Thursday June 18, 2020 was a court sitting at the Takoradi Court. After the judge has called on the case, the suspect we all know by name #JohnOji vehemently request to make a statement that has been on his heart.

John Oji recounts he’s actually not called JohnOji as we all know. However, the family of the missing girls weren’t really surprised about his statement because they already made their investigation from the time the whole saga begun and came to realize that the so called John Oji isn’t really his real name.

They made this known to the police but the police department replied,

“If he’s not called John, then go and look for whoever that is called John” – one of the family member of the missing girls told us.

The so called John Oji however, said it to the hearing of everyone at the court room that his real name is #Prince.

The most shocking of all, he boldly made the statement that, all that he said concerning the death of the girls, it wasn’t his original idea to say so but he was forced to tell the public that the girls are dead.

After telling this, the case was adjourned. The next court sitting is scheduled to happen on July 17, 2020.

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