Takoradi: Thief bathed, neatly dressed, fed with kenkey and made to showcase his singing abilities [Video]

An electric cable thief who was caught in Takoradi was bathed, his dirty clothes changed and served as entertainment to viewers.

Apparently, this man had gone into a house to steal electric cables but luck run out on him and was caught. At first, he thought he was going to be lynched but the mob had compassion for him and decided to change his state.

Firstly, they led him to sweep the entire compound.

Secondly, he was bathed and his clothes were changed. He was given a nice three-piece suit.

Thirdly, he was asked to sing to entertain his guests since they have been good to him by sparing his life.

Lastly, he was given kenkey to eat to regain his lost energy

The trend of Takoradi residents giving thieves they catch treat is beginning to change the narrative about how thieves or suspected thieves are usually subjected to instant justice.


source: Ghbase

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