Ghanaian digital influencer and CEO of House Of Content, Kwadwo Sheldon, revealed steps to his success in the world of content creation at the 2021 MEET AND CREATE conference by Africas greatest Youtuber Wode Maya.

According to him, He started creating on a Samsung Note mobile after he left OMG, a Ghanaian digital house.

Sharing a deeper story, This is what he said;

“ My interest in Content creation was firmly developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, In the space of six (6) months, where I grew from 10,000 subscribers to 100,000.”


“The Bash and condemnation from social media didn’t demean my zeal to go forward, I started with comedy skits, where I was classified not to be extremely funny though I had the comic posture. I decided to try a new thing which wouldn’t escape from the comical fraternity.

I started with reactions from all walls of issues which in a way projected me but with huge criticism.
Yes, People complained about the quality of my video, sound and others, Amazingly, All these actually compelled me to do more.

Currently, I have six (6) employees.


Sheldon gave vivid advice to young and all content creators;

Consistency is the key, He largely spoke on consistency because he believes that’s the first key if you are passionate about what you doing.

Data dynamics ; He also elaborated on how to deal with your content data, This include when and how to post. He believes every content creator should know when his/her audience are available before sharing a content because that will provide the kind of traffic needed.

Geographical area; Checking location of where your contents are being consumed motivates and assist you to create content what they love. Through that you are Identifying your audience.

Check your metrics

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