A festival of witches is aiming to correct some stereotypes about witchcraft and pagan beliefs.

The event was arranged by a group in Warwickshire called the Coven of Gaia and is being held in woods in the county later.

The group said it hoped to create a fun family occasion and expected some 2,000 people to attend over the weekend.

And it said it aimed to pass on knowledge “to ensure the ways of the witch and pagan are not forgotten”.

Rituals, spell-casting workshops and other classes are being held for experienced witches at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre.

Julie Aspinall, from the Coven of Gaia, said: “If you have no interest at all, but just want a fun family weekend, that’s fine too.

“It’s a place to ask questions, learn a bit more, check out what we do, or just have fun.”

The site, near the village of Fillongley, has 160 acres of land, with half of that woodland and festival-goers have been given the opportunity to camp there and take part in night-time activities.

source: BBC

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