The sensational Ghanaian comedian and musician, AY Poyoo, who became much renowned on the internet after the release of his song with the mantra “I’m The Goat” went viral across the world.

AY Poyoo reached one hundred thousand (100K) YouTube subscribers some few months ago and received a plaque from YouTube.

In the view of appreciating an 8 year old boy for traveling from Sweden to see him,He gifted him his YouTube Plaque.

He revealed that on his YouTube page where he wrote “ Two months ago, YouTube gave me a plaque for getting 100k subscribers in their platform. Yesterday, I gave that plaque to ZION as a gift and I’m glad I did. My fans made me who I am and for an 8 year old boy to travel all the way from Gothenburg ,Sweden just to see me, It’s a big deal. “

By Isaac

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