Professor Ransford Gyampo, the recently elected General Secretary of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), has informed university students that the union is concerned about them.
When asked how students will be able to write their exams on Good Evening Ghana, Prof Gyampo said teachers are unhappy with the academic calendar being shortened, but they have no choice.

He pleaded with students that in as much as UTAG understands their challenges, they should also channel some of these grievances to the government.  Prof. Gyampo lamented that government has treated lecturers badly for far too long – from 2012 till now.

He added that negotiations about condition of service have lasted for close to ten years but have not yielded any results. The renowned professor in an interview with Paul Adom-Otchere said that this is the only time they have, to sacrifice so that students who wants to become lecturers will enjoy the work.

He humorously added that unlike lives being lost when doctors go on strike, teachers laying down their tools won’t kill anybody.


By Isaac

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