Over few months of visiting the Abetifi Stone Age park, Wode Maya went back to donate $10,000 in support of the site.

According to Wode Maya, He made the donation with his subscribers who contributed to that amount of money.


This a place located at Kwahu in the eastern region of Ghana.
The place was previously used for refuse dumping and human excretes.

In 2010, It was reorganized by a man ( Ben Addo, 59 years ) who came back from Germany as a native of the town.


The place was stinking and full of mosquitoes which was unbearable.

However, As a kid, They use to farm around that land that has a cave which was settled by some people 12,500 years ago.

He was an Art teacher in Germany and that also inspired him to convert such an “eye saw” to a prolific destination.

In depicting the lives of those who once lived in the cave, He came across few researches that proves the people had a smaller head with bigger feet’s and hands because they use to walk and do most works with their hands.


Mr Ben Addo wish to make the Abetifi Stone Age park a “one stop destination “ for all tourists across the world.

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By Isaac

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