‘Who eats Indomie with Guinness?’ – IGP baffled by how Lapaz residents celebrated New Year’s eve

It was a rather uncharacteristic watch night for the Ghana Police Service.

While many trooped to church for the final prayers of the year on December 31, 2021, into the New Year, the police leadership was in town interacting with residents in Accra.

The Inspector-General of Police led a delegation of the top officers onto the streets of Lapaz to wish them well and get first-hand information on the security situation on the ground as the new year beckoned.

That is how Dr George Akuffo Dampare’s patrol team chanced on a group of people celebrating their final day of the year at a noodle joint in the area amid revellers, traders and residents.

The gathering did not expect to see the Police chief in their vicinity that fateful night, but their feast choice left the IGP equally gobsmacked.

A grin-engulfed young man was flanked by three others over a pack of Indomie Instant Noodles and three bottles of the alcoholic beverage, Guinness.

A visibly shocked IGP asked what name they gave to the combination on the table.

One of them responded, “Guinness-Domie,” as they all burst out in laughter.

“Ei! Who drinks Guinness with Indomie?” Dr Dampare quizzed in disbelief.

The IGP followed it up with a hearty chat on the nature of the security in their dealings.

The small group, which had now grown into a crowd, explained challenges they face in the area to the delegation.

He subsequently assured them of maximum protection going forward. The IGP also urged them to collaborate with the police to reduce crime in the township.

source: Myjoyonline.com

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