The Western Togoland Independence Rampage At Juapong

Separatist group, Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), has mounted giant sign posts in Juapong in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region, welcoming people to what they call as the Western Togoland.

The group is fighting for independence of ‘Western Togoland’ which include  the entire Volta region.

“We are seeking independence of our great motherland,” one of the separatists  told Joy FM after they also blocked roads in Juapong in the early hours of Friday September 25.

He also said they have been able to capture three police officers.

Meanwhile, the government has described the situation as critical and measures are being put in place to deal wit it.

“It’s a critical security situation we’re dealing with right now. We’re coordinating activities of the security services,” the Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa  is reported to have said.

He assured that the “situation will be brought under control.”

Regarding the capture of the three police officers, Dr Letsa said “There are situation underway to get them released.”