Video: The Sad Story Of The Viral Ghanaian Kid, Who Switched From Crying To Laughing

For some months now, A Ghanaian kid, Albert, has been a worldwide icon as a short video of him went viral.

Especially on TikTok,Many reactions were made on his video turning sadness into joy.

However, A lot of social media users got confused about his nationality deterring him from some opportunities with regards to assistance.

Ghanaian media company, Oheneba Media traced the root of the kid as they meet his family and the gentleman trying to create content especially funny skits with child.

One “unfortunate” part of the kid that people have no idea of is his Autistic disability.

Albert is a seven (7) year old child in Kindergarten two (KG2) due to his disability.

According to the mother, The reason for Albert switching from crying to laughing was a result of food .

He was first given a food he dislikes and that triggered the cry but his Grandmother wanted him to stop crying so she whispered his favorite to him and that suddenly made him laugh.

Speaking on seeing the viral video, She revealed that, For the first time it brought disturbance to the family due to his condition until she saw people hailing the child for putting smiles of their face.

Watch full video here;

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