Video: Sarkodie Beautifully Embraces His Son With Birthday Steeze

Africa’s most decorated rapper and Ghana’s finest, Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known as Sarkodie has taken over social media as he celebrates his son’s 4th birthday in a grande style.

In a video shared by the rapper, One could easily figure the joy on both faces that depicts the kind of friendship and love a father and son should bear.

Some netizens have had their thoughts on Sarkodie’s son hairstyle as it always happen on social media.

However, The kind of birthday wishes rallied on the kid also proves Sarkodie’s legendary a achievement of being Ghana’s favorite.

As many have their sentiments towards the hairstyle of his son, It is obvious Sarkodie is up to setting a standard of happiness and long term reputation for his children hence turning deaf to all rants regarding to the kids hairstyle.

Watch video here;