Video: River Massage Now Practice In Ghana

The river massage which is more popular in Jamaica and Caribbean has now been spotted taking ground in Ghana as a video of a pops up from one of the Waterfalls.

In Jamaica or the Caribbean, People travel from America and Asia to have a feel of the massage at the river banks which according to reports gives them a natural feeling.

It’s also reported that, the bamboo rafting and river massage in the Caribbean is currently the most attractive tourist destinations which is gradually growing the GDP of the countries.

A massage and rafting per head averagely cost $155 to 200 .

However, If this initiative is being supported in Ghana, It will attract more foreigners into the country since Ghana is already the best destination for Diasporas.

The current initiator of this project is Akaput Haha,A Ghanaian massage therapist making a good name on TikTok .