Video: Former University Of Ghana Student, Xorlali Plange, Shares A video of Himself And His Gay Partner

Former University of Ghana student, Xorlali Plange, who currently resides in the United State Of America has shared a video confirming his Gay Status with the partner having brunch.

In regards to the recent parliamentary brouhaha in relation to the passing of the LGBTQ bill, The US based Ghanaian tutor quoted a tweet from local television, UTV, stating his readiness to pay any form of ransom if the need arises for him be jailed as gay.

During his days at the university of Ghana was rumored to be a gay but no concrete evidence was provided so it remained secret to people (students) who suspected him.

Xorlali, who was also noted to be a fashionista in Ghana remains solid to his passion for Fashion as he upgrades to be a fashion (ITP) tutor.


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