Ukrainians Prepping For Internet Loss By Getting Apps For Offline, Private, Mesh Communications 

The top apps being downloaded in Ukraine right now are Signal, the private messaging app, Bridgefy, which enables communications without the internet via mesh networking,, an offline mapping app, and several “walkie-talkie” apps that enable free communication without sign-ups or personal information.

In other words, Ukrainians are preparing for either the loss of the internet in their country, or the closure of the free internet behind a new digital iron curtain.

Ukrainian Military

“Apps surging to the top of the charts in Ukraine are Walkie-Talkie apps, VoIP apps, offline navigation apps, VPN apps, Radio comms apps,” Adam Blacker, a VP at app analytics company Apptopia, said today on Twitter. “Many of these apps are enabling offline communication via traditional radio signal or via Bluetooth. These are apps we normally see trending during natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.”

Russia has invaded Ukraine, killing multiple soldiers and civilians, and sources have told Forbes that they expect Ukraine’s power and internet to go down. Parts of Odessa have already lost power.

Here are the top ten free apps by downloads as of today:

Source ; Forbes