UK Based Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Lady Emma, Releases New Song – “Say Yes”

UK Based Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Lady Emma, Releases New Song – “Say Yes”

New Gospel sensation Lady Emma, who has been a remarkable lead singer in Churches abroad and Ghana has released her debut project for 2023 which is gradually taking over the airwaves.

The song titled “SAY YES” is an uplifting wedding song that inspires couples and can be used in any scenario where a positive response is anticipated. It’s a versatile choice for significant moments and can also serve as a background track for wedding videos and photos, capturing the romance and creating a timeless memory. Whether for engagement parties, weddings, renewing of marriage vows, or post-wedding celebrations, “Say Yes” is the perfect choice for any occasion where love and commitment are celebrated.


Lady Emma also known as Emma Gibbs is a Ghanaian, born and raised in Takoradi.

Lady Emma discovered her passion for singing at the tender age of ten (10 ) when she began performing at her local church of Pentecost (Pipe Ano – Tanokrom).

As she grew older, she did not only realized her talent for singing but also for song writing. Drawing inspiration from positive thinking, her loved ones, and biblical principles, she has since cultivated her musical abilities.

However, without proper guidance in pursuing her musical aspirations, Lady Emma decided to focus on her education. She holds an MSc in construction cost management and has established herself as a quantity surveyor. In addition, she is the CEO of EAOZA Group Ltd, a company that has invented and designed a modern kitchen appliance set to be unveiled in June for both the European and African markets.

Lady Emma is now in a position to partially devote herself to her passion for music. Her mission is to inspire and uplift people from all walks of life, particularly the youth, and to spread messages of hope and love through her music. Her inspiration comes from gospel hip hop icons like Kirk Franklin and Mary-Mary, and she dreams of meeting Kirk in person one day.

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