Top Ten (10) Most Followed Ghanaian Social Media Influencers On Threads

Mark Zuckerbergs new “baby” in town which has caused the whole world talking especially social media enthusiasts is at the verge of becoming the biggest Social media platform in Ghana as it tops trend list on Ghana Twitter and Instagram.

Per it link to Instagram, Many users with low popularity on the gram feared in gaining Followers and interactions. However, The odds has been defied after few vibrant twitter and Facebook users bodied the Instagram Influencers who were noted to secure the ultimate following lead.

Below is the top ten (10) most followed as at July 6,2023.

Note: List shall be updated daily and any user with evidence of higher following can contact us.

  1. Zion Felix – 33.7k followers

2.Hajia Bintu – 18.4K followers

3. Kwadwo Sheldon – 15K followers

4. Gh Kwaku – 9.8k followers

5. Kalyjay – 7.8k followers

6. Gh Hyper – 6.7k followers

7. Comedian Waris – 6.6k followers

8. Shugatiti – 4.9k followers

9. Erica Emefa – 4.4K followers

10. Cindy Lifa Adio – 3.8k followers

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