Top five (5) Rappers in Egypt

Most People around the diaspora usually think Egyptians do not involve themselves in Hiphop or Rap music because they hardly here them going on tours or being nominated in awards outside their zones like AFRIMA and BET.

However, Most Egyptian rappers and singers have the best selling music in the world. The list below give details about Top 10 Rappers in Egypt;

1 . Ahmed Mekky

Ahmed Mekky is an Algerian-Egyptian born on June 19,1980.
He’s a rapper,Writer and Actor who has been on about 90% Egyptian stages to perform. he released many successful hits such as Masr Baldy and  Wa’fet Nasyt Zaman in 2017 and the best album in 2012 between the egyption rappers was aslo araby.

2. Zap Tharwat

Zap was born on November 21, 1987 in Amman, Jordan.

He has realeased a couple hit songs which includes; Yama ,El sohab,El Ghobea ETC.

3. MC Amin

MC Amin is 35 years old has songs like The general and Opal which makes him one of the best in Egypt based on his flow.

4. Omar Boflot

He was born in Nigeria on August 19, 1981.

Boflot is a half Egyptian half Filipino rapper. He started rapping in 1995 in night clubs in Ghana and then joined a band called “Patty Riddaz” before he left Egypt to join a team called the Y Crew.

5. Abyusif

Currently Egypt’s most prominent rapper, Abyusif is one to watch. The socially-conscious rapper has made a name for himself not long after coming onto the rap scene a few years ago.