Alidu had about one hundred goats in his village. One day, he went to the chief’s house and told him, “I have an old goat. It can sing. It can talk. “

The chief said, ” I know a goat can dance and a horse can dance. A goat can make a noise. But it cannot sing or talk.”
Alidu said, “My old goat can talk”.
The chief said, ” if your goat can talk, I’ll give you one fat cow. All the people in the village will meet at the market place on Friday morning. Bring your goat. If it talks, you will get a lot of money. If it does not talk, my men will kill you. “
On Friday morning, all the people in the village met at the market place.

Alidu and his goat were standing in front of the people. All the people were waiting for the goat to talk. They stood there for a long time but the goat did not talk. Alidu gave it cassava but the goat did not talk. Then he gave it yams to eat but it did not talk.

Then the chief told Alidu. “What you told me is not true. Your goat can’t talk about. My men will beat you till you die. “
Two strong men came out and began to beat him with canes. The goat jumped three times and said, “Don’t beat my master! Don’t beat my master! “
Everybody was quite.

The two men stopped beating Alidu. All the people clapped their hands for him. The chief gave him a very fat cow. When they were going home, Alidu asked the goat, “why did you let them beat me”?
That is how to get a big cow, ” said the goat. Alidu said you are a GOAT. “

  1. How many goats did Alidu have?
    2.What did Alidu tell the chief about his goat?
    3.Where did the chief and the people meet?
    4.What did the chief gave Alidu?
    5.Why did the people beat Alidu

By Isaac

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