Thomas Partey, a premier league star, may be arrested for sexual assault. The recent Twitter trend suggests the rumor that the footballer is a sex offender. 

News of, for an Arsenal footballer being arrested, indicates Thomas Partey, a 29-year-old footballer from Ghana.

One of the Twitter posts from a football fan on Twitter reads, “TOTTENHAM BOYS, WE’RE ON A BENDER, THOMAS PARTEY IS A SEX OFFENDER.” 
Fact Check: Is Thomas Partey Arrested?

Thomas Partey arrested or is currently in training has been a debate on social media after posted news of the arrest of a late 20s player from Arsenal. 

Meanwhile, the news doesn’t reveal the name of the player. However, social media is bursting with the name of a player from Ghana being a sex offender. 

Furthermore, the news agency reported, “an international footballer who plays in the Premier League has been arrested on suspicion of alleged rape in north London.”

On the other hand, Thomas’s fan following claims that he is busy practicing in Germany, and there is no reason he might be arrested in London.
The alleged player is currently being questioned in connection with a rape that occurred near the end of June.
‘An allegation of rape of a young lady on 4 July, in her 20s, was reported to police,’ the Metropolitan Police said in a statement.
The suspicion is laid over a Ghanaian professional footballer Thomas Partey who plays as a midfielder for Arsenal in the Premier League and the Ghana national team.

Is Premier League Player Jailed?

One of the premier league players has been arrested and jailed for questioning, but if it is, Thomas Partey is a big debate right now. 

The player has been arrested for the incident that occurred on 4 July. 

A 29-year-old man was arrested for rape at an address in Barnet and taken into custody, where he remains.

According to the news publish, “an investigation into the circumstances is ongoing after his arrest was made.”

Teams across the Premier League will depart for pre-season tours in the coming days, but it is unclear whether the player in question will travel.

The new Premier League season begins on 5 August, and the player’s country has qualified for the World Cup.

Currently, it is unclear that Thomas, who joined Arsenal in 2020, has been arrested. 

Partey joined Arsenal in a £45 million (€50 million) transfer, making him the most expensive Ghanaian player.


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