The First Mall in Ghana And The year It was Built

“In 2005/2006, My family decided to invest in a piece of land they have acquired. I was then in Atalanta (USA),where I owned a Tech company”.

Mr Edmund Osei Kwabena who is the CEO of A & C Mall revealed that, It was a difficult decision for him to leave America to Ghana because he was having a good life over there.

He added, Other family members and friends didn’t buy the idea of starting a mall in Ghana because Makola was the center for every groceries so we should rather go into Estate Development.

Yes, Their idea was also great because we were living at East Legon and the place was now developing so most business gurus started investing into buildings but that wasn’t the vision of the Family.

According to MR Edmund Osei, They had no support from banks or government during the start up but after they built the first phase of the mall,It attracted many Banks and other financial institutions to lend us support to continue.

A & C Mall became the first mall in Ghana and it was a great investment for the family till now.

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