The “Fake” UN Awards Saga And The Winners

Over the recent days during the second day of the Vodafone music awards, Another awards event was also ongoing which attracted people from the cooperate world coupled with some people from the entertainment industry.

This award was reportedly in the name of the late UN secretary Kofi Annan, organized by one Dr. kwame Fourdjor who claims to be a representative from the United Nations Headquarters and also the founder of the Kofi Anna foundation.

The event broke the internet with ease due to the tag “Kofi Annan Global Leadership service to Humanity Awards” and the Golden flask plaque making it seem to be a highly recognizable scheme.

This revelation was made by one Twitter user with the handle @elvinnicks. According to Elvin, Dr. Fordjour is a well-known scammer and he went ahead to provide videos and pictures to prove his point.

Celebrities who received the awards includes;

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