In the historical background of Africa is the route of the natural hair.

From the 1940s till date blacks especially Africans have been noted for their Afro-textured hair since it differs from the smooth texture of the Europeans.

The term natural hair is defined as relaxer-free hair.

Adjectives such as “wooly”, “kinky” have frequently been used to describe natural afro-textured hair.

During the colonial rule, African civilisations, hairstyles could indicate a person’s family background, tribe and social status.

After the colonial rule, Africans dispersed across the global world due to the slave trade.

Within the modern terrain, some mixed nationalities are easily identified because of their hair.

The most interesting aspect is that historical hairstyles are having a comeback in contemporary times with most African women now adopting natural methods of hair care instead of the chemicalized treatment.

In Ghana, for instance, the craze for natural afro-textured hair is simply amazing.

Women are flaunting it in different ways.

source: GBConline

By Isaac

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