New Sweeping Bicycle Manufactured By Frank Darko

About two years ago, A young school drop out from the Takoradi Technical University manufactured a Water Bicycle which made it easier for people to cross streams and rivers in the remote communities in Ghana. However, It was also used in some beaches as a tourist attraction.

He promised the world after his video went viral that, He will try as much as possible to invent machines that will solve some minimum problems in our country.

Today, Frank has unveiled a new bicycle which is used for sweeping on the street. He believes this bicycle will aid in the easy way of clearing trashes on the street.

“The development of a country does not only depends on the President and his appointees. The larger part depends on we the citizens. As a good and patriotic one I believe it is my core obligation to keep my environment clean irrespective of where I find myself within a certain time. We all know how sanitation is a major problem here in Ghana and across Africa. The only way to combat this is to come together and fight against it by changing our behavior towards our environment. The environment provides everything for us hence it deserves better. As an individual this is the little I can do to help.”

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