Not long ago, a final year SHS student trended on several social media platforms and caused a massive stir as he was dragged by almost all Ghanaians. The strict norms of the land where we live frowns upon an attempt to disobey the elderly and this was what we witnessed a few months ago.

The issues concerning these exams statements became a trend as it had other SHS students who were writing the Wassce jumping on to the trend and making waves online. Few hours after his comments and apologies, Nicholas became very popular with many followers keeping an eye on him and even his exam results.

Nicholas Cobbinah, the final year Sekondi College student who was heavily lambasted and criticized for his comments on the just-ended Wassce exams was spotted in town in the latest video with a group of guys celebrating his victory as he allegedly wins an American lottery.

He painted the town red ( went out and enjoyed himself flamboyantly) and in a positive spirit asked all his fellow youth to work very hard and achieve what they have thought of achieving over the years.

These opportunities come once in a lifetime and Nick as he is allegedly being called by his peers could not seize drooling over this great news.

source: Hypercitigh

By Isaac

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