Sarkodie Neba Sark writes: Ghanaian artistes, fan base is still relevant, pay attention to them 

“Fan base, sometimes referred to as fan army has been in the scheme of Ghana Music for quite some time.

The music scene in other parts of the world has had this concept for running.

The perception out there is that fan bases are noted for engaging in negative publicity and embarking on agenda setting, just to dim the shine of artistes who aren’t their favourites.

Aside this impression, fan base in Ghana has been known to create groups that support each other seek to the welfare of its members.

These guys in partnership with the artistes bestow their time, funds and sweats to charitable actions and philanthropic causes as well as a host of community services.

Despite the influx of new media, you can never do away with fanbase.

We are in the era of ‘NEW MEDIA’ no doubt but you can’t underestimate the power of an organic trend.

Ticktockers, twitter influencers, IG influencers are the new ‘ish’ but these fan armies has been the main pivots behind the artistes pushing their projects.

Unlike the new media influencers who take monies for work done, The fanbase do the promo and publicity for free.

If every artiste had such committed, dedicated and supportive fan bases, they wouldn’t waste much on new media influencers.

Even with our A list artistes having the best fan bases in the system, some of them are relying on the new media, good idea though but these fans can’t be forgotten.

Setting a particular agenda, organic streaming of music, going for shows are still done by these fan bases no matter the new trend.

These fans offer huge backing to these artistes including their projects and every other course that sees the artistes making gains.  

Without that support, these artistes are simply nothing and especially the current trend.

The likes of SarkNation, Shatta Movement, BhimNation and others spearheading the fan army in Ghana, but I believe other artistes can still build theirs to enable them get the streams organically without paying huge sums of monies for promo.

Whether the material is of good quality or not, these fans would offer their support, go out there and patronize.

To these guys, seeing the artiste succeed is their ultimate goal and nothing.

All over the world, musicians have found ways to either draw closer to their fans or make them a part of their successes. 

Underrating these fans should be the last thing our musicians should do, pay attention to them despite the new social media trends.

I believe with the influx of the new media, our artistes can still pay critical attention to their fans, meet ups, their normal stream parties and the numbers we are pushing for can be achieved.”

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