Renowned Ghanaian Digital Marketer, Edward Asare, Shares National Service Experience In Connection To Current Job Seeks

Ghanaian Digital Marketer and Strategist, Edward Asare, has taken on social media to share his experience as a National Service personal in 2016.

In reference to difficulties in seeking job in Ghana, Edward, shared this experience as campaign towards the impending YOUTH TO WORK PROGRAM

“5 years ago I started my national service at the St. Francis Girls SHS”

People were really scared for me because it’s an all girls school .

“Eddy, be careful as you go there oo. Just go and focus on your teaching and ignore the girls”

I took the advice in good faith and went there to teach Economics.

Just when I got there, one of their Economics teachers had passed so I got more classes to take care of – 5 classes a day

I didn’t really want to go to Upper West to teach.I wanted a big company like some of my friends got.

If you’ve been posted to a ‘not so prestigious organization’, don’t worry.

Mostly the ‘not so prestigious organizations’ are the places where your abilities could be used to the fullest instead of the usual “waakye” and “beans” errands

Also they are more likely to retain you compared to the big organizations with fixed organizational structure

It’s great to have a big and prestigious organization on your CV but if that didn’t happen for you, trust me, it’s not the end of the world.

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