Prophet Badu Kobi’s Daughter Hits Back At Critics

Ghanaians have descended on a daughter of Prophet Badu Kobi known as Jessie after she attempted to defend her father from the attacks he is suffering.

Jessie’s problem was that she came with gutter logic to defend her father’s epic fail and Ghanaians are tired of dealing with nonsense these days.

They let her have it good!

Jessie Kobi is a daughter of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, founder of the Glorious Wave Church.

Badu Kobi has become a laughingstock on social media after two disastrous predictions disguised as prophecies which he released over the weekend.

His first prophecy released Saturday evening was that Brazil would beat Argentina in the Copa America final and lift the trophy.

He was horribly wrong – Argentina won and lifted the trophy.

Badu Kobi then tried to quickly erase his shame by predicting that England would win the final of the European Championships held Sunday night.

England were facing Italy at Wembley Stadium in London and had been adjudged as favourites by the bookies.

Badu Kobi thought England would finish the job at home and restore his credibility but the Italians had other ideas.

They won the game on penalties and lifted the trophy in front of over 60,000 disappointed English fans whilst Badu Kobi was bleeding in his room.

Ghanaians did not disappoint and came out swinging to blast Badu Kobi for his fake predictions.

That touched his daughter Jessie’s heart to come out to defend her father on Facebook.

Her explanation was that between a time a prophet prophesies something and the time it occurs, things can change in the spiritual realm.

If that was the case that why would God give a prophecy to his prophet and later change it, just to embarrass him?

Why isn’t the more likely explanation that Badu Kobi is simply a fake prophet?

Anyway, Ghanaians are not letting her rest for spewing that rubbish.

Credit: peacefmonline