Meet Uthman Bangura The Model

Uthman Bangura is a renowned Sierra Leonean Model born in May 25,1993.

Uthman, who is a great star on the runway also has a certificate in Food and beverage which somehow confirms why people regard him as a good cook.

As a young model, He has been on all recognizable fashion weeks in Africa and beyond thereby working for executive brands like The orange culture, David tlale, Damat, Ecko UNLTD, Intalian Vogue and also featuring in Glitz Africa and Ellements Magazine.

According to him, His biggest inspiration is remembering how far he has come and still being consistent, That really makes him work more.

Speaking on some challenge he faces, “Getting castings for Black Male Models in Turkey (Instanbul) where I currently live is very difficult So I wish Black male models can always be needed like other races. “

He hope to officially launch his merchandise UTH-MAN UNDERWEAR as a great brand to stabilize him more financially.

“To you readying this, just know life is not only silver and gold, so you get to do what you get to do to make all your wishes and dreams comes to reality, so that you don’t have to wish and dream any more. And you have to do what you love, so you don’t have to feel like you working but instead having fun and making money at the same time.” Says Uthman

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