Press Release From The Asante Kingdom Youths Amidst The Alleged “Defamation” By Bishop Dag Heward Mills

This is a press release from the various youth groups under the Asante kingdom.

“The Media, Ladies and Gentlemen. We deem it a privilege to have met your attendance, although you were served very short notice for this presser.
We are grateful for your presence here.

Today, it has become necessary for AYA- Asante Youth Association, Kuya- Kumasi Youth Association, AZOYU-
Asante Zongo Youth Union, ASU- Asante Student’s Union and Mponponsuo in the USA, to bring to your attention our thoughts over the past few days, months and years on some endless and groundless attempt by some non-entities, faceless Characters, Coward Politicians, Religious leaders to undermine, malign, and cause hatred, etc towards the embodiment and soul of Asanteman, His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II for reasons known to them.

It is indeed, a great concern of millions of Asantes around the world, who are deeply hurt by these dangerous plots and plans. Our (Asantes) love for humanity, peace and our trademark of hospitality are been mistaken for weakness and naivety. The Asante Kingdom (Asanteman) has existed since the 1570s, some 451 years ago and Asanteman was well established 387 years before Ghana gained independence from Britain.

Asanteman will continue to exist in glory until the end of the world. We are making it clear to all and sundry that, we would never sacrifice our identity, our love for Asantehene and heritage for the interest of selfish religious leaders, politicians, who hide under Religion or Politics to malign our Revered King Asantehene, but would go back to honour their adikro (Chiefs).

If people are blinded by greed, hate and sheer jealousy, they should know that Otumfuo the Asantehene is the embodiment of the soul of Asante people and respected around the world.
We initially decided not to respond to these non-entities, coward and faceless questionable characters on social media spewing garbage against His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II but with much regret, some people purported domiciled in the diaspora have triggered unguarded attacks on the King, such uncouth characters are heard on various audios and videos circulating on Social Media, websites, etc.

Furthermore, we were shocked to the bone when we intercepted audio and video of a respected religious leader, Bishop Dag Heward Mills (Founder and leader of Lighthouse Chapel International) using unprintable and unfounded words against the King, and this has broken our long and painful silence.

We know that there is a grand agenda to defame the King Solomon of our time, and such characters must be dealt with to the brim. They should know that where their boundary of liberty ends, their other liberty begins. To all the non-entities and Bishop Dag Heward Mills blaming the King for the bad roads, poor conditions of health facilities and other major infrastructure in the region.

We will like to know from Bishop Dag Heward Mills and the non-entities;

a) Since when did our Traditional Authorities take over the responsibilities of the Central government?

b) The people of Ghana pay their taxes to the Government and not Asantehene.

c) Which of the election years did Ghanaians or Bishop Dag cast their Presidential ballot to the King or did they even see the King’s picture on the ballot?

d) Does Bishop Dag, give his huge offerings and tithes to Asantehene to develop Asanteman or Ghana?

e) Has Manhyia presented any political manifesto to Ghanaians?

As a religious leader, he should have known better or still inquire from previous and current government the numerous roles and intervention His Majesty has played to save Ghana from shame and impunity.

If Dag Heward Mills care to know;

  1. The King doesn’t receive Taxes or Offering/ tithes every Sunday.
  2. Good is love not envy and Asantehene has shown that love by setting up a scholarship scheme that has taken care of over a thousand people even beyond Asanteman.
  3. Asantehene, facilitating with the government in the building of Kejetia-Central market projects, and currently Krofrom market.
  4. The Otumfuo Agro-Industrial Park hosting Bodukwan Multi Fruits Processing factory which at its initial stage has employed hundreds of people.
  5. The Otumfuo mango plantation Teak plantation, oil plan plantation, Kenaf plantation which currently employs thousands of people in the Bono Ahfo and Asante region of Ghana.
  6. The Royal Jute Factory, which is expected to create over 5 thousand direct and indirect jobs in Ghana.
  7. Prabon Estate, Greenhouse project, the new Kumasi Project, etc.

Where have these non-entities or even Dag Heward Mills been, when through the influence of His Majesty (The King) Ghana has received many international benefits during the tenure of successive governments?

With all honesty, if there is any institution that owns accountability then it is Ghana to Asanteman because our cocoa, gold, timber, bauxite, and many more natural resources have been used to develop other areas and Asante has not seen development.

If Dag Heward Mills care to know, the work of Otumfuo is not limited to only Asanteman but Ghana and beyond. That is why Otumfuo was recognized by the UN for his contribution in a meeting of the SDG and was invited to give Keynote Address at UN High-Level Forum on The Culture of Peace.

Ghanaians do still enjoy a peaceful environment, especially when things become difficult during the electioneering process or difficult chieftaincy disputes (Dagbon is a case study), His Majesty uses wisdom to solve them if Dag Heward Mills wants to know why His Majesty is known as King Solomon.

Before the ink of our pen is consumed, ladies and gentlemen from the media, we (Traditional Asante Groups) would like to state emphatically to remain firm in our everlasting defence for the entirety of Asante, Our enviable King and well flanked Chiefs, this remains our earnest resolution and we pledge to defend them through the thick and thin.

We call on Dag Heward Mills to seek wise counsel within 48 hours, Otherwise, none of his churches would be permitted to operate within the Asanteman enclave afterwards. Also, we are warning all and sundry who hide under religion, tribe, politics, et al to push this evil agenda against Asante, Sikadwa and the King would be met with the same brute force.

Again, this presser goes to warn some bloggers and journalist who ride on such force and unwarranted issues to promote their page to desist from it immediately or be ready to face the wrath of AYA, KUYA, AZOYU and ASU. Asanteman was conceived in battle, nurtured in battle and sustained in battle.

In conclusion, we wish to remind all the non-entities, religious leaders, politicians and everyone that His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II contribution towards the development of Asanteman and Ghana is unmatched. Again, Asante Kingdom existed and have live in glory long before colonialism, long before the Independence of Ghana, long before party Politics, long before your Church was established.”

We are much awake and will confront any such growing immaturity with equal measure henceforth.

Thank you.
Tweneboa Kodua General Secretary, AYA 0248833353.

Kwabena Frimpong General Secretary, Kuya 0204910050.

Nicholas Donkor
ASU National President 0243321771.

Mohammed Habib Ali Gali General Secretary AZOYU 0243964378 0504102301.


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source: The Asante Kingdom (Facebook)

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