A report by mgvoice.com shows a certain man being handcuffed by a police officer under a tree that looks like the one captured in the video, while another gun-wielding officer stands by.

The disturbing video that surfaced on social media on Tuesday, June 15 which showed a group of Ghanaian young men displaying various guns unapologetically while boasting that they have been criminals for a long time.

The brazen young men gathered under a tree with a motorbike parked beside them as they engage in the terrifying exercise.

Interestingly, they did not even bother to hide their identities; they are seen in the video laughing loudly as they display what would undoubtedly be illegally acquired firearms.

“We have been committing crimes for a long time,” one of the young men bragged in local dialect Twi while another too warned: “everybody should run”.

The worrying video emerged just a day after a police officer Constable Emmanuel Osei who was escorting a bullion van was shot to death at James Town in Accra after an attack on the vehicle by unknown gunmen on motorbikes.

Another woman, a trader who was selling inside a kiosk by the roadside was also hit by a stray bullet, leading to her death instantly as she tried to escape just like others bystanders in the busy area.

The criminals fired gunshots sporadically and succeeded in escaping with an undisclosed amount of money in broad daylight.

Reacting to the development, the Inspector General of Police James Oppong Boanuh has warned that if the various banks in the country do not procure bullet-proof bullion vans, the police service would withdraw escort services to them.

He has also placed a Ghs20k bounty on the criminals who committed the fatal act.

The attack on the bullion van on Monday, June 14, 2021, was just one of such in the past few months.

The criminals mostly target the police officers onboard such vehicles and shoot them first before making away with huge monies being conveyed from one point to another.

The latest incident has reignited the conversation about the need to resource the Ghana Police Service to enable them to combat the rising crime in the country.

source: pulse Ghana

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