New Born baby Sold For Ghc 15000 In Ashaiman

A pregnant woman who had undergo Caesarean section in Ashaiman polyclinic has sold the new baby to another woman for Ghc15000.

The said new born baby mother already had two children but due to poverty, She planned with the husband to do such an awful act.

According to source of information, Both the woman and the husband are “drug addicts” so every little Money they acquire is being used on for “marijuana and alcohol”.

Before the birth of the child, The doctor advised them on Caesarean section due to complications from the woman.

However, They lacked the capital for the surgery so the Woman who is buying the child paid all bills after consultation.

After they were discharged, The transactions were held outside the hospital where the GHC 15000 was given to the woman.

Families of the victims are now investigating on how to reach out to the lady who bought the new born child but the victims do not want to show the location of the woman because the money has been squandered on marijuana.