US based Ghanaian Digital Entrepreneur and Investor, Rachel Bamfo has shared a fascinating story that summarizes her ten year success story coupled with the uncertainties in life. The renowned LinkedIn Influencer inspired many especially the youths who feels pressured to give up. Below is her heartwarming story;

Me in 2013: About to commit suicide, sister came in out of no where and snatched the knife away(that will be a story for another day)

Me in 2014: Missed school for weeks to treat myself from an overactive bladder condition

Me in 2015: Got healed of the condition, passed my courses and graduated

Me in 2017: Started a food business, blossomed and expanded to another region

Me in 2018 : Mum got ill had to help take care of her, couldn’t focus and failed a course

Still me in 2018: Got an opportunity from Harvard-Hpair to travel abroad on a full sponsorship. I didn’t pay a penny

Me in 2019: Awarded the best innovative student in my university, passed failed course and finally graduated.

Still me in 2019: Got robbed of all my belongings on my way back home.

Me in 2020: Broken, broke, depressed and Very stuck.

Still me in 2020: Came back into my purpose fired up with a new energy and pushed harder

Me in 2021: Made my first $15k online through the financial markets, affiliate marketing and selling digital products

Me in 2022: Photo showing my joy on what’s to come. Affirming that there will be no more pain, tears and sorrow! It will be my best year ever! Watch this space……

10 years full of ups and downs but one thing I’m grateful for is that i didn’t give up!! A lot can happen in 10 years, do not fall out of your purpose! Fix your mind on that ultimate goal

By Isaac

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