Aggrieved Customers of Menzgold have rejected a new offer by the firm to settle their locked up funds with plots of land.

The embattled gold dealership firm is offering parcels of lands as a means to settle the debts owed its customers.

However, customers of the firm who suspect this is another scam have declined the offer.

“As a group, we find it quite provocative and outrageous, and we are calling on the security agencies to arrest this gentleman immediately.

We were told that his assets and bank accounts have been frozen, so where did he get money to purchase lands and be trading?” a spokesperson for Menzgold customers told JoyNews.

Fred Forson, the spokesman, further disclosed that checks by the customers revealed that the portions of land being used to offset the debt comes at a cost of US$100,000.

“And for you to acquire that land, you need to make a down payment of GHS 20,000 for him to do the indentures and other things,” he added.

He added that customers are not interested in any piece of land, rather, they want back their monies.

“So if you [Menzgold] have got lands, sell the land and come and give us our money,” he said.

He further lamented the poor conditions of most customers since their funds were locked up and urged them not to heed to the new call.

“We don’t understand why any time NAM 1 dreams of a scam, the people that come into his mind is the Menzgold customers”.

By Isaac

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