Agnes Tetteyfio is a Ghanaian social media Figure popularly known as Yaa Melanin.

Yaa Melanin is a lady born and raised in Takoradi defying the odds on Twitter about Takoradi.

Social Media Marketing in the Western Region is taking a stand as some personalities like Jimen Goshers , Wode Maya, Braa Kwame , Kofi Cephas and others are the few males making it big. Yaa Melanin happens to be the first Twitter influencer to amass over 100k followers.


She started her basic education at Woodbridge International School in Takoradi but ended up at Oriens Complex School in Accra.
She proceeded to Accra Girls for her high school education then to University of Cape Coast where She read Business Management.

In spite of her academic background, She has a deep interest in apparels and aspire to be a world renowned fashion designer.


She joined twitter with the sole intention to hype Mr Eventuary where she happened to be the one behind the camera for his videos.

Eventually (no pun intended), the videos went viral but Where she also took a liking to the app because of the funny videos and tweets the timeline.

Twitter became her go-to app whenever she needed something to laugh about.

“To talk about how I became an “influencer” ,People classify me as one but I don’t see myself as such. I started getting the numbers because whenever people followed my account, I made it a point to follow them back. I’ve had a number of requests to be a brand ambassador but I’ve had to reject them for personal reasons. As I mentioned earlier I don’t see myself as an influencer, just a little girl who wants a place to have fun and nothing else.


“My advice to the youth is, Social media is the new tool for wealth creation so they should uplift the positive impact, In addition, Life is shorter than they think and they need to make the most of each and every day. They should aspire to be the best version of themselves and also know that there are no limits to whatever they want to achieve. As they do so, they should not forget to have a happy and fulfilling life.”

By Isaac

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