Carpentry is a great skill in Africa especially Ghana but somehow seen as a job for the Less educated in the society.

For that matter, It’s difficult and intimidating for the youth who has acquired a senior high school and tertiary education to involve themselves in it except some who saw their family doing it from childhood.

In some cases,Most parents who are already into carpentry rather encourages their children to read other professions.

Ama endorsed, officially known as ADZIGBLI NANA AMA BADU COMFORT, A beautiful Instagram influencer, Carpenter and interior designer has changed the “Status quo” though she may not be the first female to do so.

According to her,She didn’t acquire any formal education on carpentry and interior decoration.

She added “ I acquired this gift from my Father who was a Building contractor and a Carpenter. As a Child I felt in love with what my father does and I was always available wherever he was.My dad mentored me and advised me to Persue this passion because it will take me far. He blessed me with creativity.”

After her basic Education at Christian Missionary Bilingual School, She went to Aburi Presbyterian Senior High/Technical School.

As a brilliant young lady, She tried other professions such as acting and modeling but she realized, She has left something great behind Because things were not going as expected. So She had to go back for her childhood blessing and passion (Carpentry).

She got to know Carpentry goes with interior decoration so she started learning that on her own via the internet.

Today, Ama is enjoying carpentry as a lucrative job and making waves with it.

Her greatest advice to the youth, Is to always follow their passion and learn a skill attached to any endeavor.

By Isaac

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