Meet Seyram, The Photographer

Amegatse Seyiram J. Kofi Jnr. is a Ghanaian photographer born on June 5,1998.

He Started his basic education from Holy Child Preparatory school, where he had his kindergarten and transitioned to
Complete at St. Josephs Catholic school (Junior High School).

He went to Pope Johns Senior High where he graduated as a General Art Student and also a chaplain.

He further studied Tourism at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

According to Seyram, He Basically had no knowledge about photography and never imagined he would come this far.However,He hasn’t regretted choosing this path.

He got the interest in photography during his senior high school time. “ I usually go to the library to update myself on current affairs by reading the Daily Graphic and other news papers and then i chanced on an article about Kafui Praise, a female Ghanaian photographer who was on top of her game and making it big and she had started with a mobile phone. So l told myself this is inspiring, if she can do this ,i can do it too”.

He added,i did not pursue photography immediately after reading the news but it was after I completed school (SHS).

Though I wanted to start my acting career so I went for a Delay and Kofas audition where I did well but the judges said I do not qualify because I was not eighteen (18 ).

It was there i told myself if i can not be infront of the camera i will build a legacy for myself behind the camera.

From there,I went on Instagram to check out Kafui Praise’s pictures to take inspiration and also came across the page of Bob Pixels,a legendary Ghanaian documentary photographer and it was there I knew this was something for me.

His pictures made me fall in love with photography more and from that day i started taking shots with my phone and took classes on YouTube because no one was willing to help me as an up coming photographer with no equipments.

Without, the help of people i still pushed through, i remember using my feeding fee for a semester to purchase my first camera and unfortunately got damaged that same semester.
I was devasted but it didn’t kill my passion i still pushed through.
Seyram believes photography will take him far because at his age now,He has been to places no one not thought it will be possible at his age.

“photography has made me work with Some ministers of state, banks and clients from abroad who i work for and at the same time purchase my works and frames.”

My biggest dream is to work with brands like Nike, Adidas, Audi, Coca Cola,Messi and Ronaldo.