Meet One Of Ghana’s Student Influencers On Instagram – Owusuwaa

Social media as a platform has paved way for many young individuals in the world specifically in the field of brand influencing.

Instagram, which many people just take it as a “picture posting platform” has now attracted brands and company’s to advertised their products to reach customers.

Anita Amposah, a student of the university of Ghana studying sociology and information studies has taken Instagram to another level among the youth (ladies). Though she isn’t the first to be an influencer on the app but she has served as brand influencer for many companies, making her “financially stable” as a student.

“ I wish to inspire more youth to look up to me in terms of the business world opportunities because I’m a hardworking person and I aspire to be one of the topmost billionaires in entrepreneurship across the world.”

Speaking on the setbacks as a lady, this is what she keep saying, “There are lot of challenges we do face but it depends on how you handle it which would either go away forever or comeback again.”

“Social media has it own positive and negative effects but it depend on how you will use to influence yourself. If it’s negative,try and abstain from it and if it’s positive,continue the good work.” She advised.

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