Meet Ghanaian Tech Content Creator, Dessy Ocean

Desmond Ofori Appiah “Dessy Ocean” is a Ghanaian Tech Content Creator and Reviewer focusing on reviewing Technology innovations such as apps, devices and useful websites. He has a Google Knowledge Panel for the searched words – African Tech Influencer.

Beginning this journey somewhere in 2019, Dessy Ocean has created Viral Tech Content that has caught the eyes of many. A notable one being his “Short Homescreen Tutorial” in 2020 during the release of iOS 14 by Apple. This useful tutorial gathered over 360K views on Twitter.

Speaking on his interest in Technology, he said “I’ve been fascinated about technology the moment I got my hands on a computer. I’ve wondered how it works and this curiosity has driven me deeper ever since”

And with his love for technology, he uses his content to educate and entertain his audience on everyday technology innovations they possess.

“I believe people do not know what their devices are capable of and I intend on educating them always through my channels. Most times people upgrade to new devices because of a new feature whilst a simple mobile app could introduce that.”

He certainly has caught the eye of many as he’s gone on to collaborate with major brands locally and internationally. Notable brands such as Samsung, Panda Security (Spain), WithKoji (USA), as well as World Health Organisation (Switzerland)

He also regularly appears on popular Tech Television Show; Tech Today on MX24gh as well as appearing on Tv3 Ghana during the Samsung Unpacked 2022 where he shared his thoughts on the new unveiled devices.

To explore his tech content, find him across social media platforms (Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Facebook) @dessy_ocean and on Youtube; Talking Tech With Ocean