Meet Stephanie Lopez Yankey, A Ghanaian painter, Model, Entrepreneur and Social media Influencer born on February 24, 2000.

Graduating as a visual Art student from the Methodist Girls High School, She proceeded to IPMC where she studies Software Engineering student.

Lopez being known on social media has been able to give hope to many youths through her numerous interaction addressing their issues, basically equipping their self esteem.

She believes most of the youth have been “trapped mentally” which restricts them from expressing themselves.
In curbing this issue, She’s poised to start a project to help build the mental capacity of the youth.

As an Artist , she also uses most of projects as a tool to help depict hope,love,joy,success and unity in a form of painting.

Below are some brands she has worked with as a social media influencer:
@organic natural beauty
@ultimate designs


Basically my dreams make me more focused because they challenge me to achieve my targets which is making the youth more talent driven than being dependent on others.

Also I’m inspired by the dream makers who make others gain success by their efforts to make others achieve success.


“Well I want to use my brand to clear the mindset of people who think modeling and influencing is a demeaning career.
And also going to merge intelligence,arts and entertainment to make modeling and influencing a career worth pursuing in Ghana.

Currently I’m running a campaign to get my charity home more equipped to help bring kids for the streets back to school. However, I use the funds I get through endorsements to funds for the charity home.


Well, anonymous people randomly pass abusive comments and also some demand irrelevant favors out of my scope which are against my ethical boundaries.

keeping up with the social media trends to stay relevant.

contents get challenging

Most people slide in my business page Dm to ask private questions instead of placing orders .

Believing in your dreams and remembering beauty fades but intelligent,skill and a good attitude will make u a better figure in society.

By Isaac

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