Meet Edward Asare, A Digital Marketer at UBA Ghana

Edward is gradually making UBA Ghana a conspicuous brand on social media. He believes grit is what is helping him do so. Even though he has not been with the bank for long, he is becoming the face of the brand on social media.

He is making the bank a more human-focused one by sharing success stories of UBA employees. These stories help readers to see how their favourite bankers climb to where they are.

Edward has been a Digital Marketer since 2016 and has proudly worked with prestigious brands like Media General Ltd, Peduase Valley Resort, Ankobrah Beach Resort, Glofert, Redpear, and now UBA Ghana Ltd.

As a Pro in Digital Marketing, He teaches on a part-time basis at Stepup Business School and also speaks on Digital Marketing at various Conferences.

He graduated from the University of Ghana with a BA in Economics with Information Studies after his high school education at Accra Academy as a Business student.


“I have the grit to do my work and make sure it comes out well. I have done digital marketing works for people who never paid me, and I never felt cheated. I was glad I did it.”

credit: Businessinsiderafrica

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