Ishmael lartey popularly known as Afrohead is a Ghanaian Visual Artist born in Akosombo.

Afrohead relocated to the capital of Ghana (Accra) in 2018 to persue his art business. The artist specializes his works mainly on clothing (jeans,cotton and other fabrics).

Though He started as a digital artist but decided to major in painting to make his works naturally artistic on shirts.

As a young genius, He likes to be very self aware of his growth and mastering his craft.

In todays world where social media is a great tool for development, Afrohead is poised to reach the world where he can influence positively through art.

Currently, Afrohead loves to embark on canvases and graffiti where he can express the feelings of people and the daily happenings in our environment since those two art forms are a great way to do it.

He admires Ghanaian Artists like mohawudu and kwesi botwe but his biggest inspiration is out the visual Art world Sarkodie.

“i want to master my craft to the sarkodies level where i can tap into people’s emotions,ideas, experiences with my Art like he does with songs”.

He met the rapper recently on zylofon fm where he presented some few artworks on SammyFlex’s show.

He recounts the joy and satisfaction when the rapper endorsed him by saying he knows him and he see’s his works.

As part of his dream, He wish to have his works inspires the young artists in schools, where they will see their course as relevant.

By Isaac

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