List Of People who makes Twitter Interesting In Ghana

Twitter has been a platform where people share contents , advertise and educate themselves but to have an exciting stay on the app in Ghana. Below are some users who makes it a better place through their contents and tweets;

This list is not in order. However the fun part is necessary,comment the name of whoever you think should be here

  • SEYRAM (@__theseyram)
  • Here is a photo photographer whose project always go viral on twitter, He’s seen to be a determined young person who wants to take photography to another level in Ghana.

MALIK OFORI (@malikofori)

As a new twitter user who wants to gain followers real quick, Malik Ofori is your plug to gain followers, he does that every 7pm with the #MOSquad. He’s also a Youtuber who does reactions on music videos.

KALYJAY (@gyaigyimi)

The Youngest twitter user in Ghana with high followers is always in the news from agenda, Football and Banters. There is never a dull moment on his timeline for his followers.

DKB (@dkbghana)

Our overall …. Yes, this is the man carrying Ghana twitter. The head alone makes everybody laugh, A legend is always a legend. He paved way for many that’s why the young ones comes on twitter to learn from him.


Welcome to every ladies crush when it’s their first time on twitter. Do you want to gain followers as a lady, then you have to post Asiedu as your twitter crush. Anyway He’s a bad dancer.

KWADWO SHELDON ( @kwadwosheldon)

The intermittent Favourite Tweep, Today he will critized an artiste and praise him tomorrow. Funny right, yea, that’s Kwadwo Sheldon, One of the fastest rising Youtuber in Ghana. His timeline is your spot when you are bored.

ASEM (@asemworld)

Our music legend is always trolling his colleagues. It seems serious but Industry players sees it to be part of the game. All these add up to why people love to see him on twitter.

KAY ( @kaypoison1)

After hiding his identity (picture) for so long, He’s noticed as one of twitters fresh dudes but the Banting can’t make you stop following his news. A great dude to make you laugh everyday.

MR PRESIDENT ( @opresii)

This parody account of the president of Ghana (NANA ADDO DANQUAH) can make you laugh each and every hour. Tell me it’s a lie and just check his timeline now.

ESTONIA BORGA (@Estonia Borga)

To get education on Africa Empowerment in a comical twist, This is the man to follow.He will make you cry through laughter whiles you learn.


This is Twitters President for Ewes, Don’t joke with him about Gbevunation and Shatta movement. He always say, “When it’s time for fooling, we all go fool but money matters”. He never chooses Ass over Boobs.

SAADA ( @daddys_girlT)

This is the lady with the biggest boobs and ass on twitter, That’s her dream. She has trained several times but we haven’t seen anything. We love her no matter the situation. She’s the plug to “crack out”.

KELEWELE JOINT (@ankamagyimi)

The online kelewele joint you can’t order. Following this dude is a whole mood, Bantering? Forget, you will cry but it’s for fun.

AKOSUA MAY (@akosuahmay)

Twitter Nurse, That’s everyones sister on Twitter. When it comes to winning giveaways, she’s always the right spot to win. Tell to help you Retweets and you are good to go.

NUNGUA CARDI B (@elly_serwaaa)

Queen of English, Anytime you see people battling about English, She’s there. T.A for Ghana Twitter. Don’t get it twisted, She’s a real teaching assistant at KNUST.


Chairman of Giveaways, Twice in a week, you will see a giveaway tweet on his timeline. His followers are always in a happy moment because they know what he can do. “Fooling dier” it’s in the blood but he’s a genius.


Don’t laugh, relax, I said don’t laugh. Here is the original man, Sarkodies Favourite son. Nobody loves sarkodie more than him on twitter.

ANGEL ANON ( @angelanon12)

Maybe you hate surprises, yes, then you have to hate him. According to him, His aim is to put smiles on peoples face so he always try to surprise random twitter users.

TONIA (@__Tonia)

“Sister ni oo London” , Funny right, She’s always get pregnant for handsome guys on the timeline. That’s the lady who doesn’t get angry usually on twitter but if she does, Let’s end it here. Just a be fresh guy and she will be pregnant for you. (Only on Twitter)

ADOFO ASA (@_adofoasa__)

Here is the king of fueling beefs on twitter, Tell me if you haven’t seen his comment under a beef. He’s yet to go on retirement but enjoy the little time left.

FIXON DENNIS (@fixondennis)

King of Showoff and Vacancies, If you need a job opportunity, that’s your right spot to get one, He post opportunities everyday but the show off is to make you work hard.

LATIF (@ilatif_)

This is the man all the fresh girls know him, Any photo of a girl is seem to be captured by him.

SNEAKER NYAME (@sneaker_nyame)

Maybe you haven’t heard the name before but he’s rated as the best plug of sneakers on Twitter, Check his page for all kind of sneakers and giveaways.

KWABS (@fyne_fii)

Do you need help in soliciting funds, Are you an underground artiste, Here is the man to take you through. He always get intimidated but he never gives up.

BALO (@paa_kwesi01)

From being an activist on KNUST campus,BALO does this on twitter especially for the students of KNUST. However, he doesn’t miss any beef that happens on twitter. Its either he fuels or join.

ENARYA (@iamowusuaa)

No one girl does sports on Ghana Twitter than her, This is a Manchester United fan who can give you all updates on sports. Stay connected with her.


Nigerians Favourite Ghanaian Tweep, He’s the mediator for Ghana and Nigeria. Check him out anytime you want to see Nigeria in Ghana on twitter.

NUNGUA MR BEAN (@nanathanos)

King of retweets and Nonfa, That’s your man right there. Always telling us stories we can’t imagine.

NANA AMA BOSOMPEMAA ( @bosompemma1)

Twitters favorite model trainer, always coming out with new steeze. A lady who doesn’t take trolling serious and always having fun with anyone.


Twitters Favorite sports and music promoter. Get in touch every morning as he brings you sports and music promo in the evening but he’s a Sarkodie fan.


you need more of Shatta wale news right, He’s here to take you through. Always on time to get you in the right position of step on the toes of Shatta wale. All for fun but he meant business.

ANGEL TOPEDO (@thoughtpillow)

We don’t even know what he does but he’s always right under comment and ready to argue. This man is the right joint for Savage replies that depicts analytic argument.


You can’t just spew anything about Shatta wale without going free. I guess you are wondering if she get paid by him. That’s a true fan there. She’s friendly and always ready to mingle.

PLAYBOI YOUNG (playboi_young)

“Braa no no” He will support you today and ignore your tweet of you mess up. This man is a creative designer you can trust any day. It’s fun to see him on the timeline.

KWEKU STORIES (@kwekustories)

For all your educative, captivating and funny stories, You are covered by him . Creativity is his hallmark.

LANORKS (@lanorks)

The best female website designer as rated by Ghana twitter, From photo modeling to designing ,She’s the your plug

BENO SARKCESS (@benopaonyx1)

Twitters One Time Youtuber, Are we expecting more videos? That’s Beno Sarkcess, Sarkodies younger brother on Twitter.

STERLING (@___sterling)

There is no trouble on twitter without the name of Sterling. Man is everywhere, You can’t hate him.

ELVIS (@kayjnr10)

Ghana Twitter Contractor, Always peeping where there is business. Let’s end here,He May ask us how much He will earn from this. Anyway he’s very generous and a great engineer that you have to check out more from him.

HIS MAJESTY (Chap_man21)

Yes, this is twitters Pharmacist, He always educate us on suicide and his field of study.

MUFASA (@juniormufasa_)

There is one thing we all can testify about him, His love for Medikal and games . He keeps supporting MDK each day.

NEFERTITI (@_khanbikeh_)

Do you want to learn more about writing, Reading and literature? She’s our “slim shaddty” always providing us news in the world of books

DAAVI AKU (@daavi_aku_)

This is our mother of boobs and medical news, Always fun with on the timeline. What’s a lovely lady we all love.


we can’t say anything about you bro, You like “fooling” too much. We are just happy to see your tweets always.

MR LAW (@the_law_himself)

From your followers and us, we don’t know what exactly you are up to but we just love your tweets especially your savage replies. We hope to see you grow tall by next month.

OGYAM (@kwabenaogyam_)

Here’s the man who always teach his followers on traditions especially those of the Ashantis. He’s Twitter Asantehene.

NO-TIME (iamnotime )

He keep wowing us with funny tweets, He’s loved by his followers but too much of everything is bad bro.

S.B ORLANDO (@gyaigyiimi)

Chairman of Twitter Chaos and Twitter most troublesome. An amazing tweep who can make feel Twitter is heaven.

COACH COBBY (@Cobby__jones)

This is twitters swimming coach and Lightroom editor specialist. He can’t leave a day without telling us more about swimming. You are the right man for every Swimming lover.

MMAA P3 NKWASIAFO) ( @nanayawsuspense)

If you are new on twitter, he can keep you in suspense if you come across his stories. That’s a great writer there.

OPEI (@viaopeimu)

when it comes to professional photography on twitter, you can’t forget him. He tell stories with photos and it’s a vibe.


He’s always on tweeting about Facebook users, making it feel twitter is the best app. He doesn’t care if you are celebrity, if he suppose to bash you, you will just do it.

UCC SHATTA WALE (@iamsamuelpagge)

Shatta Wales son on UCC campus, Immediately you spew anything about him…He’s right there to defend. Big ups Samuel, you are a joint for new Shatta wale fans on Twitter.

SHATTA BA CONFIRM (@shattabaconfirm)

The name explains all…Just imagine it

DRIP BOY (@dripboyyy)

He’s always online, He’s always on people’s timeline,He’s always giving us funny tweets, He’s the baddest boy on Ghana Twitter.

ED (Greatman__)

King of Ashaiman Twitter, Always ready you bring the youth together for a positive change. Indeed he’s a great man but when releases one diss tweet,hmm.


Your love letters keep us all on our toes, you always nail it but please shave to save us.

COMMEDIAN WARIS (@commedianwaris)

Let’s talk about skits, Let’s talk about the next comedy king in Ghana. He’s always giving us good vibes.

MADE IN GHANA ( @_madeinghana_)

The Shatta wale man, the Youngest Comedian making it big in Ghana will never give you a dull moment on twitter.

SDK DELLE (@sdkdelle)

A legend in skits, A legend in stomach pack, People say he’s an antichrist But he says, There’s difference between common sense and prayers. We hail you on Ghana Twitter

KOKOBABE (@loviaas)

Let’s talk about boobs, she will be right here to tell us more. Twitter Boobs bae

YOUR CAR GUY (@frankdoe101)

Do you know more about automobiles on Ghana Twitter? Here is our teacher .

KWABENA WAN (@kwabenawann)

This is the man who beefs artiste for Ghana Twitter, Another king of trolling. Your followers says Ayekoo!!!


she’s always a catfish anytime issues related to catfish accounts are concerned. She has to explain thoroughly before people accepts. Hard girl

A D W O I C Y (@theonequeenn)

She’s always with the vibe on guys who are loyal and lovely to be with. Good relationship talks always come from her.

ROMEO SWAG (@romeo_swag_gh)

let’s talk about music, This is our freestyle king when it comes young artistes. Twitter believes in him.

LARBI SARKCESS (@larbisark)

After defending sarkodie and Sarknation, he talks about girls and his pink lips. His followers still love him.

ARMAH (@xx_howdy)

This is the lady who has got the guys wondering each day, Some says she resembles a lady they have met before, you get the vibe? Lol…Ghana girl with Miami lifestyle on Twitter.

SIMPLY ANNE (@abenamole)

The lady who always get heartbroken every three days on Twitter. Don’t joke with her intelligence in Life especially about relationship talks.


Twitter from Winter, That’s where you see all the savages..Just keep it low and check it page

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