Ghanaian video Director, Salifu Abdul Hafiz, who has had his name inked in several video productions in Africa shares his consents about how colleagues and people rates music videos from Ghana and Nigeria as far as budget and quality are concerned.

Sharing on his facebook page, This is what the video directing giant said;

I spent the last week working on a Nigerian music video project. Over 10 crew members from Nigeria flew to Ghana for the project. The video has 8 scenes and each of them cost an average of $4,000. The top 3 scenes cost around $6,500 each to build and store in the location for 3 days.

These sets were built, finished and inspected 3 days ahead of the shoot. We paid for the location all the days we spent setting up and the main shoot days.

Crew cost, Equipment cost, welfare, post-production and all are not part of what I’m talking about.

Tell me, who in Ghana is spending GH100,000 ($10k) on a music video? These guys are spending atleast $20k on a video for the newest artiste in Nigeria. You want to compare?

I understand many Ghanaian talents don’t have the funds but those who have won’t invest and even when they eventually get the funds, they will never invest.

We actually forget it’s business. You can’t reap what you have not sown.

The day that a Ghanaian label or artist stands up to invest at least $20k in a music video project, we can start comparing Ghana and Nigeria.

Before then let’s all shut up and fix our mindset before we chase people who we are scared to do what they do right.

This has has generated several conversations from his colleagues in the industry.

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