Ghanaian teacher provides school uniforms for pupils in his class; photos emerge

A class one teacher at the Mankessim M/A “A” School in the Central Region, Fredrick Mensah, has provided six of his pupils with free school uniforms on behalf of a donor.

Fredrick Mensah, a twin and comic actor, also manages the Facebook and YouTube Channel of Twins Diaries, a platform they created to share videos of their skits and initiatives.

In a recent Facebook post, Fredrick Mensah disclosed that a Good Samaritan named Tenisha Rosand reached out to him after posting about his love for his work as a teacher.

According to the Ghanaian teacher, Tenisha Rosand donated cash after she ”realised couple of the kids were not in school uniforms.”

”Do you remember I made a post here with my kids expressing my feelings for the love of my work, teaching? A Good Samaritan named Tenisha Rosand made donations in cash after she realised couple of my kids were not in school uniform,” said Mensah.

He continued:

”She DM me, asked me how much will 3-4 students uniform cost. I guessed an amount and even gave me a token. I was inspired and even added the token she gave me to cover the remaining kids who don’t have the uniform but failed to appear in the picture. School resumed today, and here we are with six beautiful kids with their new inform.”

Speaking to about the kind deed, the class one teacher at Mankessim M/A “A” School in Mfantseman District in the Central Region said:

”Teaching is my passion. I really have a passion for teaching even though I’m not a professional teacher. When my contract came to an end, the teachers in the school had a meeting with me and declared that they want me to stay and they will give me a token every month,” said Mensah.

”I play with them during break time [I] posted a video with my kids playing ”ampe” during the break time, the video went viral. Some kids in the video were not wearing uniforms. A good Samaritan contacted me and gave me something for the kids. I bought the cloth and sewed for them. It is my passion to be a teacher so I don’t want my kids to be in that way. I don’t need to depend on the government always in terms of needs. Sometimes the little I get from others, I add something and make it great for my kids,” he added.