From ADA To Paris, KalyJay Becomes Our Twitter Influencer Of The Month (May)

Amending all damages caused on his Influencing Career, Joshua Boye-Doe popularly known as KalyJay has set standard for himself as a social media influencer with huge audience on Twitter Ghana.

Having worked half with almost all reputable brands in Ghana, Kalyjay is the first Ghanaian Twitter Influencer to cross Africa in the name of brand/event promotion.

The month of April and May brought a smiling face as the French Ambassador to Ghana , Madam Annie Sophie, together with her event organisers flew him to France (Paris) as a key promoter for ACCRA IN PARIS concert.

With couple of accolades from his followers and colleagues, KalyJay promised not to give up but to make social media Influencing a professional job in Ghana where the youth will realise its relevance thereby putting much effort on their respective platforms.

Currently, KalyJay is back to France for an educational tour.


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