Facebook Influencer, Nii Odoi Bubuashie Kevin Hart, Narrates How He Found The Parents Of A Street Child

Social media being a tremendous platform for sharing information, Some users with huge presence on various platforms has taken it as an opportunity to preach positivity leading to the aid of Society building.

Meet Ghana’s Facebook influencer, Nii Odoi, who is amazingly using Facebook to infect change in the society.

Nii Odoi formerly shared an intriguing story of meeting a young child whose dream was to see an airplane which he tried doing his best but may not be enough due to few restrictions at the airport. He later became closer to the boy turning them into friends.

Sharing a fascinating story about the boy, This what he said;

After posting about taking a boy I met whose dream is to become a pilot on a tour at the airport but _was not able to take him closer to the aeroplanes because I don’t have the authority to do so, I got individuals like Mr Amarh, Yaw Odoom and some domestic airlines companies who wanted to see his dreams come true. The airlines asked if I could bring the boy for a tour on their aeroplanes. I decided to go look for him per the location he gave me that he stayed.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find him, so I showed his picture to people around where he stays and I came across two street boys who said they saw him at a particular place. Quickly I went there only for me to be told he came to sleep there at night so he is gone. He looked like someone who is been taken care of by his parents the day I met him but the information I got from the street showed that he is a street boy. I went home and returned in the evening.

Finally, I saw him and told him the good news and I requested he took me to his parents but he was not cooperating. I had wanted to take him from the street and take him to my place but that would be dangerous and can lead me to trouble. I gave him my number to call whenever he changes his mind to take me to his parents. One week later I was in a car going for a meeting when I saw him lying at the bus stop. Immediately i alighted and went to him. He was very sick and still in the same attire since the day I saw him. At that moment I didn’t know what to do because I was running late for the meeting.

But I remembered a guy by the name Benjamin inboxed me saying he works with an organization called Future Africa. They takes kids from the streets and help to give them a better life. I called him to which he said he would be sending in someone to pick him up but I decided to take him to them before I went to my meeting.

They kept me updated as they took him to the hospital. I visited him the following day to find out how he was doing. I realised Benjamin and his team were doing a great job in taking care of him. As the days went by, they tried locating his parents but they were not doing it in a rush. He was given a personal teacher to help him prepare to enroll in school later on.

One morning I had a message that said ” I just saw a picture of you and a boy, do you know the wherehabouts of him?”. He is my brother who had gone missing. They were just about publishing it until she sighted our picture. I asked her some few questions about the boy which she answered correctly. Later she told me her Dad wants to talk to me. The Dad was very sober on the phone, I together with Yaw Odoom took her father to Future of Africa where his son was for a reunion.