Exclusive Review: ON GOD – Shatta Wale

Getting everyone emotional with the introduction, Shatta proverbially spoke to us.

Ten million lashes and he never cried, Ten years burial and he doesn’t die.”

If you are destined to for greatness, No amount of intimidation can cast that success.

Comically, Shatta wale decided to bring his friend kwadwo Sheldon in the picture by saying “This head is bigger than your Duku”.. In this case the African Dancehall king was referring to The Grace bestowed upon him bigger than trolls he receive. So nothing can change it ( If Jah Bless, No Man Curse).

Bring Horse, And I will bring my Tortoise. At the end you will be the YAWA OF THE DAY.”

This time , The Bars are getting real …Lol

Still reflecting on his success journey, Twenty million years and you can’t stop him, He’s the news and he will keep you talking….Yes, Shatta wale has always been in the news ever since he revived his career and there’s no misinformation here.

How Many Years Do you want to use to block the shine in Him, “He is the air and you can’t catch him.”

Scientifically,We Catches air in a vacuum so Shatta wale this one dierrrr, Dem go catch you ..Lol

Shatta wale and bragging, He just brought America and Hunger inside.. This our man will always make us know he is around..Hahaha..

To be a successful person, You always need to ask when you don’t know… Yes, Shatta wale said it right.

AGENDA, Everyday Agenda… There norr 5k for my Cigar… Which kind pressure be this Shatta wale?

Small agenda we dey do for Twitter too… We no get Orthopaedic so make we change wanna mattress..Hahahaha


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